Come Closer

Come Closer: Black Surfaces. Black Grounds. (2011)

"Come Closer: Black Surfaces. Black Grounds." is an aesthetic inquiry into what "Black" is through the platform of portraiture. Employing three consistent materials (black ballpoint pen ink, black acrylic ink on black matted or glossed board), I draw-in surface details with various line work, shading and other sinewy, tactile traces, in an attempt to deconstruct "Black" as a concept and its visual inconsistencies pertaining to light, shadow and texture. This is a subversive play with the relative and filtered distinctions between looking at someone and actually seeing an individual. In each portrait drawing, I've emphasized the problematic contradictions inherent in a chroma that does not exist outside of a two-dimensional plane. The subjects of the series are interpreted bare in an isolated space, their purpose is not to be a spectacle for the viewer.